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Dark 100%

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Made wih Chocolat Madagascar chocolate.

Chocolat Madagascar products taste good and do good. Not only are the cocoa beans in every Chocolat Madagascar product grown locally and sustainably, the whole manufacturing process is conducted locally too. This preserves fresh flavours in chocolate of exceptional quality (winner of the Academy of Chocolate's Golden Bean award none-the-less) and at the same time boosts the local economy, bringing skilled employment and funding investment in wider social benefits.

• Academy of Chocolate Golden Bean Award winner
• Made with just one ingredient - cocoa beans. The result is an intense chocolate flavour with fruit, raisin and citrus notes and a surprisingly mild bitterness
• A natural product - no chemical processing, no added flavourings and no preservatives
• Made from bean to bar in Madagascar, capturing the full, fresh flavour whilst investing in the local community


INGREDIENTS: Madagascar organic cocoa beans. Cocoa solids 100% Min


NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: ENERGY 640 kcal/2656kj FAT 53g (of which saturates 31g) CARBOHYDRATES 27g (of which sugars 2g) PROTEIN 12g SALT 0.01g

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